Maine Wedding Videography – 2014

The Wedding Videography bookings for 2014 Maine Wedding Season are coming in left and right! I still have some openings during April, May, June and July, so if you’re interested in booking a wedding videographer, Contact me ASAP:)  Every bride and groom I film ask me for some advice/thoughts, etc. I have just a few pointers and the are well intended.

  • Know your budget and stick with it.  Yes, I always recommend a two camera shoot, it makes for a more interesting video perspective and gives me some additional freedom when shooting and editing –  however – you know what your wedding budget is, and I say “stick with it.”
  • Enjoy the day. A stressful bride, groom or parent looks stressful. There’s no hiding this especially in real time (video.) Relax a little, it’s just one day and you have very little control on how it unfolds. Trust me: it will be fine.
  • Enjoy your guests! They are there for a reason.
  • When it comes to me, as the videographer, don’t be afraid to ask me for a particular shot. I love to do new things, capture people I may not have noticed, or be front and center for a special moment or dance. Just ask.

Okay, on to a short video highlight from Ashley & Chris’s wedding back in 2012! Enjoy.

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