What is in the name…?

Welcome to my Blog!  For my first posting I thought I’d let everyone know where I came up with the name for my business – Sweet Thunder Productions.   When I decided to launch my video production company a number of years ago I asked numerous friends and colleagues for their name suggestions.  Most answered Boothbay Videography, but that wouldn’t work since I was planning to move.  Some said Lee Arnott Videography, but lets face it, most people think of the female spelling of Lee as Leigh, and everyone misspells my last name.  This would all make finding me on the internet very difficult.  Then someone told me that whatever I chose for a business name would have to be unique and stick in peoples’ minds, along with some personal relevance.

When I moved to Boothbay from Massachusetts in 2000 my first priority after settling in was to adopt a dog and a cat.  In my Boston apartments over the years I was not allowed to have any pets.  After week one in Boothbay I drove over to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter in Edgecomb and within a week I  adopted a dog named Thunder and a cat named Sweet Pea.  I changed Thunder’s name to Sophie (really, who names a female dog Thunder?), but I often regretted this since Thunder had been her existing name for three years.

So when deciding on my company name it naturally came upon me one day to take Sophie’s original name – Thunder and combine it with Sweet Pea’s.  I dropped the Pea from Sweet Pea, and Sweet Thunder Productions was born.  Unique, yes.  Important and personal, yes.   My dear Sweet Pea passed away in 2007 and Sophie (Thunder) is now 15 years old.  And so there you have it… the story of Sweet Thunder’s name.

              Til next time…

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