Sell Your Instructional Video with a Web Video

Sweet Thunder produces Instructional Videos for many local and regional businesses.  These videos are produced and packaged into a  DVD format for our clients to sell to their customers.  I always encourage my clients to compliment their DVD with a promotional Web Video for their business website to attract attention to their DVD.  Sweet Thunder uploads this Web Video to Youtube and sends a video file to your Web Designer.  Between your website and Youtube, you can reach customers not just locally and regionally, but  nationwide and worldwide too.  A great example of this is a DVD I produced for Beth Jones, a Yoga Instructor in Hallowell, Maine who specializes in Trauma Sensitive Yoga.  Beth chose to have Sweet Thunder produce a Web Video to compliment her DVD.  I uploaded her Web Video to Youtube, along with a three minute introduction from the DVD. Initially, Beth’s goal was to reach local and regional clients, but due to the exposure from Youtube she has received requests for the DVD from all over the United States.   Exposure = sales!  You can view Beth’s Web Video on Sweet Thunder’s Maine Web Video page, and you can her view her web video and her DVD introduction at Beth’s website:


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